Wednesday, 14 March 2012

                In my opinion I think social media has the potential to bring about real social change in our society today. We can see through many different social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, My Space and MSN have helped to bring people together. In my own experience social media has changed the way that I communicate with my family in Australia. I am updated with what is going on with my family and have a better relationship with them because I am able to stay connected through Facebook and Skype. Social media has brought about awareness with what is happening around the world, take for example Kony 2012. Without the use of social media and the video produced about Kony going viral we would not have been aware of his actions.
 Social media has also brought about social change to events that are going on in our society. People are creating social pages for different issues which could involve economic, political or environmental problems that we face today. I have seen on Facebook environmental pages which express how we are killing our earth. People from different parts of the world are putting their input how they feel about the issue. The way that I feel this brings social change is that it opens my eyes to a broader aspect with what problems we face.
The quote that Malcom Gladwell stated “social media are built around weak ties and real social change can never come from loose networks of people that do not know each other." I do not agree with this statement as we can see how social media has brought social change.  Social media has brought awareness to society and has great potential to continue to change social media as we know it.
In conclusion I think that social media does have potential to bring about real social change in our society. Through many different social media acts we are able to stay connected with what is going on around us. Whether it is helping to build a relationship or staying in touch with family and friends around the world social change is present. We are able to stay updated with the latest news just like most resent video that when viral which was the Kony 2012.


  1. You have a sold argument, that's straight to the point, and use a decent amount of examples. That's pretty cool how you have family in Australia. I have family in Romania, and before Facebook, I couldn't even talk to them via email because the countries fucked like that. Even when we finally could send eachother emails, at the bottom there was small print talking about how you and the person living in Romania can get in trouble for sharing sensitive info, like national security stuff, it was sketchy! Facebook lets us connect easily. Anyways, nice blog.

  2. Solid use of examples. All the examples that you use show how social media is making real social change in the world. Especially, Kony 2012 that has recently been headlining all social media websites across the world in just a matter or days.

    1. Great points Justin

      But I still don't see how social media has brought a direct social change. At best when people create facebook pages or twitter accounts, it is used as a tool for awareness. And then by using a specific page you're only looking at one side of the issue. And looking at it through one page, there can be built in bias and if your not careful to dig deeper for the facts, you could end up running into future problems.